Featured Video – “TYZEN” By: FilmCow – Jason Steele

March 25, 2024

Tyzen was recently featured on the popular Youtube channel FilmCow (1.8 Million Followers).  The channel’s creator Jason Steele has produced extremely viral videos in the past such as Charlie The Unicorn and Llamas With Hats.  This specific animated short is about Tyzen and his prowess hypnotic abilities.  It is the year 4107.  The “Goopos” have summoned Tyzen from the past to save them from the evile Skull Sniffer but all Tyzen wants to do is try to be funny.

2024 Tyzen – The Comedy Hypnotist Official Trailer

Live at the South Florida Fair

Harrah’s Reno – Persuasion Starring Tyzen

Tyzen Commercial

tyzenpaley on TIK TOK- 28.9K FOLLOWERS  1.1M Likes

Some of this content may contain language not suitable for a younger audience. These videos are simply a collaboration of Tyzen’s twisted sense of humor.  The videos in this account rarely have anything to do with hypnosis or magic but that’s the fun part.  Enjoy!